How to Plan a Wedding Day Timeline That Runs Like a Dream

Planning a wedding day timeline is no easy feat.

Will you do a first look?

When will the photographer get there?

How long should the ceremony be?

When + where will you take photos?

What will you eat, when will the food get there, will the drinks stay cold?

And, of course, how can we entertain our guests while we’re doing all the things?

How to plan a wedding day timeline that flows like a dream | the Barn at Willow Brook Virginia wine country wedding and event venue

There are plenty of ideas out there as to how to plan your wedding day timeline, but we love to suggest ways to plan your timeline with your guests in mind as well. Happy guests means the best of parties to celebrate your love and the beginning of your life together.

1. Lawn games.

At Willow Brook we offer games like cornhole, horseshoes, and more to keep your guests entertained. Bonus: These pair perfectly with cocktail hour because you should only need one hand!

2. Keep it retro with old school table games.

Board games and table games may feel outdated, but they’re a quick connection point and a great ice breaker. It keeps guests safe from boredom AND stuffy small talk.

3. Scavenger hunt.

While this option takes a bit more planning, it will certainly provide a memorable experience for all your guests on your big day. It’s a great way to get guests to mingle as they rush to find the things on the list — you can make it as simple or involved as you like! Pro Tip: As a kid, Kelly, our venue coordinator, had yearly scavenger hunt birthday parties, so feel free to ask her for tips in creating your experience!

4. Bride + Groom trivia.

This activity is perfect for guests getting to know each other–at your expense! They can bond over things they may or may not know about you, and will feel more a part of your love story as a whole, even if they are more acquainted with one of you than the other.


While your wedding day timeline may feel like an impossible puzzle, it’s guaranteed to be a day to remember when you keep your guests in mind, as well as the wedding party. Keeping everyone happy and entertained will be a breeze with these key components baked into the flow of the day.

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