How to Invest in Your Marriage from Day One

At Willow Brook, we’re firm believers that the beauty of your wedding day is only the beginning. You’re writing your legacy starting with Day One.

We are here to support you in making your wedding day dreams come true, but we also want to support you with practical tips in how to invest in your marriage from the very first day–and some you can even incorporate as wedding day activities!

How to Invest in Your Marriage from Day One | the Barn at Willow Brook | wedding venue for joyful celebrations based in the heart of Virginia wine country

1. Establish a weekly date night.

Date night ideas: There is so much to do in Leesburg, so if you’re local or want to venture out to the country, we have some fun date night ideas:

Leesburg’s First Friday events: Every first Friday of the month, Historic downtown Leesburg has special events. Everything from wine tastings to entertainment along the sidewalks with free refreshments. It’s fun to stroll the downtown and walk in all the shops that stay open late and have special bargains and activities.

Visit a different winery every month. Check out the local wineries and all our favorite hangouts in the Venue Visit Day Trip Guide!

OR, try a date night in a box!

2. Schedule fun activities

Make a list of 15 fun activities that you enjoy. BUT, there’s ONE RULE: they must be free or low cost. Then you can exchange lists between you and your love, and make a point to do one per week, one per month, or whatever feels right!

3. Create a Legacy Jar.

On slips of paper, write 5 things your spouse can do or does do to encourage you, and put them in the jar. Draw one from the jar to work on that week! Then, on the back, you can write how it made you feel when your spouse encourage you that way. Then, each month or every so often, you can go back and read the notes together!

Pro-Tip: Make the Legacy Jar a part of your wedding day activities! You can have your guests write down the ways they encourage their spouse, and then you can try them out in your own relationship!

4. Read 5 Love Languages book.

Read the book together and talk about what you think your spouse’s love language is and then compare notes as to what each says their love language actually is. Have fun practicing speaking to your spouse in their love language.

5. Make a family budget.

This sounds boring but it can actually be a fun activity and you can budget in fun date nights so you won’t feel guilty spending for a night out. Take Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace course together. Usually given at local churches for a reduced cost. Making and sticking to a budget can save lots of trouble and friction in your marriage and is a great way to build a strong legacy.

6. Move together.

Find an exercise routine that you like to do together. Anything from hikes to gym time to biking, finding something you do together to build in a healthy lifestyle can result in some major bonding time.

7. Entertain together.

Entertaining helps build your “team sense.” If you have a strong sense of team now, it can help you work together in the future. Nothing quite cements you together like the lasagna burning or figuring out how to feed your friends on a budget.

8. Set goals together.

Start by setting goals for the next 6 months in several different areas:

Health, faith, financial, family, career, social to name a few and post these goals in your house and check in on them during a date night. Cultivate What Matters has a great couples’ goal setting resource!

9. Establish a marriage or family mission statement.

What is important to you as a couple and a possible future family? Brainstorm some mission statements. This is a great way to begin your legacy and have a vision and purpose for your marriage and decide what you want to build in to your family. Lindsay Davenport has a great resource guide to get you started!

10. Get marriage mentors.

Spend time around other couples who have been married a while and who share your values. Find out how they handle the ups and downs of marriage. Having a close couple or two that know you well and can speak in to your lives is invaluable.

Finally, remember, marriage is a marathon, not a sprint. Make progress by asking yourself, how can I love my husband or wife well today, this week, this month? And do more of it every single day. (Oh, and apologize when you get it wrong!)

We can’t wait to see how your legacy grows from learning how to invest in marriage from Day One.

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