Why You Need a Venue Coordinator

We’re just going to come right out and say it, planning a wedding can be confusing and difficult. We believe in helping you bring your dream wedding day to life, and that means we want to make decisions easy on you.

One of the questions you’re confronted with from Day 1 is, can I plan this by myself, or do I need help? Can I afford help? Will having a wedding planner, wedding coordinator, day-of coordinator, or venue coordinator really make things better?

And, finally, do I have to hire all of the above? What’s the difference?!

We’re here today to answer all of your questions and give you the scoop on what a venue coordinator is, and why you might want one for your big day!

Why you need a Venue Coordinator | how to plan your stress-free dream wedding via The Barn at Willow Brook

Venue Coordinator Duties:


When you hire a venue coordinator, you’ll go through pre-wedding consultations throughout your planning process. In these consultations, your venue coordinator will offer support in a variety of areas. Here at Willow Brook, our venue coordinator, Kelly, is happy to help and walk with you in any of the following areas:

  • Design of the space to best accommodate your guests during the ceremony, reception, cocktail hour, and more.
  • Wedding Day Timeline: Kelly will help you create or review the schedule of the day, and suggest pieces to help it move effortlessly and be the best experience for everyone.
  • Recommending vendors to meet your needs and vision for your day: At Willow Brook, we do not restrict vendors to be used at our venue; we would love to help you select the exact vendors to match the dream for your day!
  • Confirming details and timelines with vendors.
  • Sounding Board + Go-To Girl: Kelly is here to answer any questions the Bride-to-Be may have during the planning process. Our desire is to help you feel confident in your decisions and details and be certain that they will be executed just how you imagined on your Dream Day.


Wedding Day

  • Vendor management: Kelly will be your on-site point person for any vendors or questions that may arise on the day of the wedding.
  • Detail management: There are many details that need to be in place on the day of the wedding, and the bride shouldn’t have to place the guest book on the sign-in table or set centerpieces. The venue coordinator will facilitate the execution of all the details so you can just sit back and relax.
  • Take-down management: Venue coordinators can also manage and facilitate the wedding take-down process, ensuring everything goes to the right place as you jet off with your love for your honeymoon!


You might want to hire a venue coordinator if…

  1. You want to DIY your wedding, but don’t want to spend your wedding day DIYing! Every wedding has a budget, and sometimes DIY is the best choice to craft your wedding exactly how you dreamed it. But, just because you have a budget doesn’t mean you can’t hire help to make sure your true vision comes to life! A venue coordinator may be a more affordable option than a wedding coordinator, and you can still be hands-off on your big day.
  2. You have a wedding planner, but would like an extra hand and point-person who knows the details of the venue inside and out.Wedding day includes many details that need to be executed perfectly. If you already have a visionary hired for your wedding, it may help to also have a venue coordinator to manage vendor set-ups who can navigate the venue with ease.
  3. You are having a weekend wedding extravaganza! Especially if you opt to book our Weekend Package, you will need someone who’s in charge, making sure everything runs smoothly throughout the whole weekend, so you can relax and enjoy your people.

If you’re interested in talking with our venue coordinator, Kelly, please feel free to contact us!

We want your Wedding Day to not just look like a dream, but to actually feel that way, too. A venue coordinator can help make that happen, without a crazy price tag.

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